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Pantheon Wiggler Longboard Deck

Pantheon Wiggler Longboard Deck

$175.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price
Length : 35.60in
Width : 10.15in
Wheelbase : 24.33in - 30.00in
Construction : Maple and Fiberglass

Griptape: Yes

  • Description

    Make no mistake about it. The Wiggler is the weirdo in our lineup. Bracket decks are weird enough already, but as far as we know, no one has ever made a bracket deck this long. The overall length of this board is just over 35 ½ inches, and there’s a solid 26 ½ inches of usable platform. You won’t find yourself wanting for space. The long length provides ample flex and will get you riding lower than most other bracket platforms when you’re pushing in the middle of deck. When pumping, you will find yourself moving forward on the board and riding the nose. A gentle wiggle is all it takes to get and keep this thing going, and that’s really the idea of the board. Move at a gentle pace as comfortably as possible, using as little energy as possible.

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