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Rayne Demonseed 39in Tamale Tech Longboard Deck

Rayne Demonseed 39in Tamale Tech Longboard Deck


Length : 39in

Width : 9.50in

Wheelbase : 30in

Construction :  9ply Maple

Griptape: Yes

  • Description

    The Demonseed has a 3 stage rocker and  DEEP TUB Concave.The 3 stage rocker makes rotations and slides easier through ergonomics while adding pockets for your feet to grip in slides. The concave has a wide flat center and aggressive cups for your toes and heels. This is the perfect concave for a double-drop deck and will keep your feet in place when sliding and cornering the board. The flat center is really comfortable for pushing the board.  The Tamale Technology provides our signature tattooed embedded in high pressure laminate (HPL).  The HPL stiffens and protects the board from scratching and moisture.

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