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Abec 11 Big Zigs 75mm 80a Longboard Wheels

Abec 11 Big Zigs 75mm 80a Longboard Wheels


Price is for 4 wheels

Size: 75mm

Duromoter: 80a

Contact Patch: 56mm

Bearing Seat: Offset

Formula: Reflex Formula

Style: Square Lip, Not broken in

Color: Lime Gren

  • Description

    The 75mm BigZig is a wide offset wheel with our small 7-11 core. By definition ZigZags and BigZigs are have OffSet (OS) bearing seats while Centrax are wider, symmetrical, and have a CenterSet (CS) bearing seat. These Reflex formula BigZigs have won the World DH Championships on numerous occasions and dominated the Giant Slalom race scene. They provide the perfect balance of quickness, speed, and traction. BigZigs are a great all-around longboard wheel, and are excellent for carving, cruising, and LDP as well.

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