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Eco-Lite T-Zero Bracket Longboard Truck

Eco-Lite T-Zero Bracket Longboard Truck


Price is for 1 truck

CNC Machined with aerospace aluminum

Weight: 304g

Comes with Riptide Bushings, Insert Kore bushing, and extras, 90a, 93a and 96a Krank Tall Fatcones.

Clear Coated and Anodized

Grade 8 Zinc axles and branded kingpins

4-hole baseplate, TKP drill holes

  • Description

    Enjoy the lightest LDP rear bracket on the market, at a mere 166 grams (bracket only), and only 304 grams with all pictured parts. Price includes everything shown: T-Zero Bracket (CNC machined from aerospace aluminum), RipTide WFB 95A Kore insert (compressed to fit axle), RipTide Tall Fat Cone bushings with axle tube installed, nylon spacers, washers, grade 8 yellow zinc axle with nyloc nut. The bracket is clear anodized to protect from corrosion. Bushing recommendations are for a typical length bracket deck with a mid range feel, adjustable to a tighter feel if you get Krank bushings. If you have a longer deck or you prefer a wide, carving pump, go down a duro. If you want a tight fast stiff pump with a little wheel lift, consider going up a duro.

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