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Pantheon Fantail Cruiser Longboard Deck

Pantheon Fantail Cruiser Longboard Deck

Length : 33.75in
Width : Front 8.75in - 9.00in Middle , Back 8.00in
Wheelbase : 19.20in
Construction : 6 Ply Canadian Maple Core, 2ply triaxial fiberglass top and bottom. Entire board is laminated with waterproof resin.

Griptape: Yes

  • Description

    Pantheon’s Fantail Cruiser is a do-it-all style board that crosses boundaries when compared to today’s cruiser decks. We took notes over the years from the community and followed what skaters are into. The Fantail Cruiser is a classic Pantheon offering, taking into account what makes a board like this fun to skate. It’s a lot of nuance packaged into something beautiful.

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