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Pantheon Mitch Thompson Pro Model Longobard Deck

Pantheon Mitch Thompson Pro Model Longobard Deck

Length : 32.125in
Width : 8.45" front bolts, 8.59" back bolts, 9" max width
Wheelbase : 20.125in - 22.625in
Construction : 8 Ply Canadian Maple Core, black dyed triaxial fiberglass top and bottom. Entire board is laminated with waterproof resin.

Griptape: No

Pro Rider: Mitch Thompson

  • Description

    Featuring a bowl in the nose to amplify board feel in an otherwise mellow concave (Less than the Andy Atch). This allows for increased leverage on the toeside, and the heel will still fall into comfortable concave, so that there is no discomfort if the rider is hanging the heel. You can be all over the front truck on this deck and still be very comfortable.
    The rear features a W-concave that starts in the rear 1/3 of the deck and goes all the way through the back. Riders can use this deck with or without a foam wedge in the back comfortably. Using a wedge will form a toe pocket with the W concave for killer board feel and comfortable tucking and sliding with the wedge. Without the wedge, riders will have ample rail feel and use of the W concave down the length of the board. The Mitty is a little more squared off than the Andy Atch. You get a little more room in the front as well as a little less taper in the rear. There are flush mounts in the front and rear that run flat. 

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