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Pantheon Supersonic 6ply Longboard Deck

Pantheon Supersonic 6ply Longboard Deck

Length : 36.50in
Width : Front 8.81in - Back 9.00in
Wheelbase : 25.24in - 30.09in

Flex: 150lb - 170lb

Construction : 6ply Maple and Triaxal Fiberglass

Griptape: Yes

  • Description

    For those who already understand this type of LDP board, let’s just get a couple key features out of the way that distinguish this board from any other deck of this type made before. Firstly, it has been designed around our most classic and readily available RKP cast trucks available. The intention here is to offer a super high functioning but cost effective setup.

    The inherent geometry of our Supersonic LDP longboard will allow you to run Bear 130mm, 155mm or Paris 150mm effectively. You’ll want either the 40 degree (Bear) or 43 degree (Paris) in back, and either the 50 or the 40/43 in front. Because of the very similar base geometry of these trucks, they will run within about 1.5mm axle height from front to back regardless of which truck position you use, WITHOUT RISER and Seismic 85mm Speedvents

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