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Pantheon Tandava 6ply Purple Longboard Deck

Pantheon Tandava 6ply Purple Longboard Deck

Length : 45.75in
Width : Front 8.50in - 9.40in Middle , Back 8.25in
Wheelbase : 28.66in - 29.91in
Construction : 6 Ply maple core with Triaxial Fiberglass on top and bottom, encased in wood veneer

Griptape: Yes

  • Description

    The Pantheon Tandava 2 is a mid-sized dancer longboard featuring clean lines, a comfortable platform and flex, and a flowing shape that assists in its durability. Slight revisions over the original Tandava have taken place in an effort to make the Tandava 2 just a touch more trick-friendly and a little easier on the wallet. Slightly longer and wider kicktails add just a bit more leverage and pop. New grip design features a grip=free center platform for easy dance steps and a little gnarlier grip toward the kicktails for better aerial maneuver control. The new Tandava features an all maple and fiberglass construction, placing the fiberglass directly underneath the top and bottom layers of maple. In comparison to the original, this significantly lowers the cost, because we got rid of that fancy (expensive) veneer, at no loss to its strength or functionality! We also gave the Tandava 2 flex options! You can choose between the 7-ply green and the 6-ply purple. 

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