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Seismic Megawatt Mint Defcon 90mm 76a Longboard Wheels

Seismic Megawatt Mint Defcon 90mm 76a Longboard Wheels


Price is for 4 wheels

Size: 90mm

Duromoter: 76a

Contact Patch: 58mm

Weight: 11.25oz per wheel

Bearing Seat: Offset

Formula: Defcon

Style: Square with Surface Skin

Color: Mint

  • Description

    • The world’s fastest urethane and most progressive hub-and wheel engineering bring unparalleled rebound and superior energy efficiency to a huge 90mm-diameter shape.
    • Higher top speeds, longer push distances, and extended ESK8 battery life and riding range!
    • Next-level weight-saving Turbine™ hub features bigger vent holes for more accessible e-board pulley adapter fitting.
    • Hub structure ingeniously sculpted for highly-optimized routing of wheel rebound energy.
    • Width, edge profiles, and bearing seat offset finely calibrated for race-style grip and more consistent wear.
    • Half-millimeter concave running surface preloads edges, sharpens grip, enhances rebound.
    • Surprisingly quick, smooth, and agile handling for its size, even through hard corners. In a class by itself!


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