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Abec 11 Flywheels Refly 83mm 74a Longboard Wheels

Abec 11 Flywheels Refly 83mm 74a Longboard Wheels


Price is for 4 wheels

Size: 83mm

Duromoter: 74a

Contact Patch: 44mm

Bearing Seat: Offset

Formula: Reflex Formula

Style: Round Lip, Not broken in

Color: Lime Gren

  • Description

    The 83mm ReFly is a big wheel that features our unique Flywheel core. By definition "Flywheels" have CenterSet (CS) bearing seats, are symmetrical, and use our Flywheel  core. A "ReFly" is simply a Reflex formula Flywheel. Every Flywheel, ReFly, and SuperFly is compatible with every Flywheel-specific drive pulley which gives you a number of great options in the Electric Skateboard (eSk8) market. These smaller 83mm wheels roll up to speed quicker than the 90mm and 97mm versions. They can be used on a top-mount deck with risers and wheel-wells. If you have the necessary clearance you can put these on a longboard, Hamboard, or street luge. 

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