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Landyachtz Wolfshark Longboard Deck

Landyachtz Wolfshark Longboard Deck

Length : 35.20in
Width : 9.00in
Wheelbase : 21.20-24.40in
Construction :  9ply Canadian Maple

Griptape: No

  • Description

    The Wolfshark is back! Released for the first time in 2011, with 6+ versions produced until 2016, the Wolfshark was a staple for many years in the Landyachtz downhill/freeride segment of our lineup. Designed by long-time team rider Wolfgang Coleman, the Wolfshark was used as a platform to progress concave design in new and innovative ways. With well over 20,000 decks sold worldwide over the years, the Wolfshark has become a fan favorite with a tight following.

    With the standing platform between 8-8.5″ wide, and the wheelbase ranging from 21-24″ with two close options in the front for dialing in your front foot position relative to the radial/wheel flare concave and three more spaced-out options in the rear, we believe that these wheelbase options will cater to the needs of both modern downhill wheelbase spec and longer, more freeride-based wheelbase setups.

    We want to thank everyone for loving the Wolfshark over the years and for all the stoke and support you have given! Without all of you, the Wolfshark would not have had such a long run! Stoked to have it back for another go.

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