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Orangatang Beefcake 73mm 80a Longboard Wheels

Orangatang Beefcake 73mm 80a Longboard Wheels


Price is for 4 wheels

Size: 73mm

Duromoter: 80a

Contact Patch: 31mm

Bearing Seat: Centerset

Formula: Happy Thane

Style: Rounded with Stone ground Surface

Color: Orange

  • Description

    The Orangatang Beefcake is here to add some bronzed brawn and brains to your freeride fantasies. The burley shape, stone ground contact patch, and muscular roundovers provide consistent lip shape for smooth catch-free slides and effortless slide initiation. Designed for high speed freeride and technical sliding alike, these hulking specimens score best in show for throwing slides and linking rotations run after run after run.

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