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Orangatang Dad Bod 105mm 77a Longboard Wheels

Orangatang Dad Bod 105mm 77a Longboard Wheels


Price is for 4 wheels

Size: 105mm

Duromoter: 77a

Contact Patch: 57mm

Bearing Seat: Offset

Formula: Happy Thane

Style: Rounded with Stone ground Surface

Color: Blue

  • Description

    The Orangatang Dad Bod is the most high-performance 100mm+ urethane skateboard wheel in existence. Four years of development, our new TrypoCore, and our tried-and-true Happy Thane formula combine to create the ultimate big-wheel experience at a shockingly light weight. Designed for next-level commuting, long-distance pushing, long-distance pumping, and e-skate, these wheels are meant to roll. The large 105mm diameter provides exceptional roll speed, tons of momentum, smooth rolling, and absurd distance per push—it's kinda like cheating. Just add risers!

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