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Pantheon Ember 2024 Eco Torus Longboard Deck

Pantheon Ember 2024 Eco Torus Longboard Deck

Length : 30.50in
Width : 8.50in
Wheelbase : 25.00in
Construction : 6ply Maple and Triaxal Fiberglass

Griptape: Yes

  • Description

    • The Eco Ember is our smallest double drop of all at only 30.5-inches long. One might call it “economy sized.” The fork nose and tail reduces unnecessary weight and making this board extra stashable, as well as keeping the deck from hitting curbs on both the front and back, should you lose the deck while riding (the wheels will stick out further than the forks.  Featuring the Torus graphic.



    The Ember has been a staple in the Pantheon lineup since around 2017. It has existed in multiple forms, and this newest form pulls from the original mold shape with some slight modifications, bringing the lines together in a more aesthetic fashion and adding extra kick on the kicktail. And we built it with a construction that will be stronger over time. The new construction fixes some of the long-term issues with the old Ember by introducing fiberglass into the layup, strengthening the board and mostly eliminating warpage over time.

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