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Pantheon Lisa Peters Athena Pro Model DH Longboard Deck

Pantheon Lisa Peters Athena Pro Model DH Longboard Deck


Length : 35.07in

Width : Front 8.26in, Back: 8.38in, Max width: 9.10in

Wheelbase : 21.00in - 22.00in

Construction : 8ply Maple and Triaxal Fiberglass

Griptape: Yes

  • Description


    Pantheon Lisa Peters Pro Model “Athena”


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    Length: 35.07″
    Width: 8.26″ front bolts, 8.38″ back bolts, 9.1″ max width
    Wheelbase: 21″ – 22″


    The concave on the Lisa Peters is a medium radial concave. We added very slight micro drops in the front and rear. They’re small enough that you can stand right over the top of them without feeling imposed upon, but they’re there to add as a reference for the feet and to lower the center of the deck to make this board fun to take just about anywhere, even if it’s the only board you bring on a skate trip. The kick tail is a classic middle-low degree snub tail that is ideal for more downhill boards. It’s functional and stylish without being overbearing. There is a mild rocker in the standing platform. Flush mounts pull into the drops so you can stand right on the bolts.


    8 ply maple with triaxial fiberglass. We place the glass UNDERNEATH the top and bottom layer of wood for the purpose of comfort for the rider. This deck has a tail, and riders are beating the crap out of it. We don’t want you to get glass in your hands as this board starts to wear; however, we want you to get the benefits of fiberglass in the board, so we cover the outside with maple. Like all Pantheon boards in the current lineup, the entire board is laminated with waterproof resin. While the deck is not entirely waterproof, it is much more weatherproof and warp resistant than many other boards. Downhill stiffness out of the box.

    Griptape: 60 grit across the deck. We’ve tested a lot of grip over the years and this 60 grit is both grippy while not being over-the-top, and it appears thus far to be our most durable. You’ll find the same grip on our Fantail Cruiser, Kenny Napp Pro, Sacrifice, and our Bamboo Supersonics.


    Watching Lisa skate, she has a very surfy style, and so from the go, we wanted to make a deck for Lisa that expressed this style to the max. The Lisa Pro features smooth lines from nose to tail to further express her style in board form. Lisa has a small stance and stands just a touch behind her front truck, which is why we felt comfortable putting a very small micro drop in the deck, so that she always has a reference point for where she is on her board without having to look down. The drop is small enough that she can stand right on top of it. And you can too! Lisa’s board was tested in several shapes, and the final shape we came up with fits her stance just right, hits all the style points, and features a stiff construction with 21-22 inch wheelbase options that is great for both downhill and freeride.


    New art by Eddie Kihm. After many discussions, we all decided to move forward with a greek goddess concept, which made a lot of sense given the nature of the Gods and competition, all of the inherent symbolism involved, and with Lisa as a competitive European downhill skateboarder. I will just quote directly from Eddie on this, as he tends to really go in deep on the symbolism and I don’t think I can express this graphic more clearly without just quoting him! From Eddie: “The core idea is a spin on the classic eagle vs snake tattoo motif, turning it into an owl vs sea serpent to represent Athena and Poseidon. I really like Athena as a symbol for knowledge and wisdom, which ties into the third eye motif we use a lot to represent a transcendental wisdom. Poseidon was characterized as having a short volatile temper, so I feel like this battle is a representation of enlightenment vs ignorance.”


    Many riders will feel most comfortable on this board with small trucks. 120-130mm with square lips and up to 150mm max with round lips. Most riders will fall into an asymmetrical setup on this deck, as it is a small wheelbase, and you’ll likely want that natural stability of a low degree rear truck.


    Not just a pro model in name only. Pantheon’s pro model decks have a profit share set up to help fuel this pro rider’s dreams. We don’t want to overstate ourselves. We are still a small company selling limited numbers of our pro model decks. But when you ride this pro’s model, you are literally taking part in supporting this skater’s life. Each one counts toward our goal of supporting these skaters we believe in.

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