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Rayne Tamale Tech Strayne Longboard Deck

Rayne Tamale Tech Strayne Longboard Deck


Length : 37.50in

Width : 9.25in

Wheelbase : 22.00in - 23.00in

Construction :  Bamboo sandwhiched in Tamale Tech Top/Bottom

Griptape: No

  • Description


    Rayne Longboards Strayne Bamboo Deck.  From the mind of Jake Ballantyne comes an evolved and refined Skyline deck, but made all his own.  It's perfect for techy and smooth freeride but is also at home in on a mountain road.  This board can do it all.   The mellow rockered platform blends into a steep kicktail optimized for the length of the deck and RKP's with large soft wheels.  CNC wheel wells and flush mounts give you clearance for lots of lean and true to angle mounting for your trucks.  

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